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Jcm care services  approach offers a greater opportunity for companionship and consistent care services.

How can an overnight carer help?

How can our carer help

An overnight carer enables you to remain independent and secure in your own home.

Sleeping night care

If you anticipate only occasional support in the night, but value the presence of a trusted carer in your home until morning, you have the option of sleeping night care.

Waking night care

If you wake often, or need regular assistance with medication and personal care, you can choose waking night care. It offers consistency in your care throughout the night.

There are numerous ways carers can assist, here are just some:

  • Security and peace of mind

  • Medication prompting

  • Assistance with mobility within the home

  • Bathroom assistance

  • On-hand help throughout the night

Hourly Care

How can an hourly carer help?

How can our carer help

Live a fulfilling life in your own home by using daily or hourly care.

 Our Carers can help in a number of different ways:

  • Companionship

  • Greater security

  • Increased mobility

  • Help with diet and fitness

  • Medication prompting

  • Socialisation

Tell us your care requirements and connect with your chosen carer

Repite Care

How can a respite carer help?


How can our carer help

Providing care for someone is a remarkable undertaking. Respite carers can allow you to take essential time for yourself while they continue to provide an exceptional level of care. They can support you in various ways:

  • Give you time to rest and renew energy levels

  • Cover for unexpected situations

  • Allow you to attend special events or holidays

Tell us your care requirements and connect with your chosen carer

Alzleimer's & Dementia Care

How can a palliative/end-of-life carer help?

How can our carer help

Palliative or end-of-life carers can bring comfort and security to people who are living with an incurable illness or complex medical condition.

Here are some of the numerous ways a palliative carer can assist:


  • Improve quality of life through pain management

  • Help with eating, dressing and bathing

  • Provide respite care for family and friends

  • Help with medication and treatment plans

  • Assess needs holistically with person-centred care

How can an Alzheimer’s/ dementia carer help?

How can carer help

A carer can give you the support needed to live more comfortably with Alzheimer’s or dementia, at both early and late-stage. Here are some of the ways they can give their support:

  • Allow you to live independently in your own home

  • Help with domestic and daily-living tasks

  • Cooking and encouraging healthy eating

  • Bathroom assistance and helping with incontinence

  • Continuity of care and reassurance

  • Managing distressing behaviour, such as pacing, shouting or aggression

Tell us your care requirements and connect with your chosen carer

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